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This page contains an expanded description of our principal services. Remember: We can customize our services to fit your needs.

Previous Employment Verification

A verification Report of the applicant’s previous employers during the period specified by the client. The information requested by the Interviewer includes but is not limited to: dates of employment, character, salary, title, performance and productivity, attitude, skills, attendance, eligibility for rehire and reasons for termination. We will also include any specific questions that you require. Due to privacy policies only information the employer gives us will be reported.

Education Verification

This report will verify degree and attendance of the applicant. Confirmation of the applicant’s highest level of education, degree earned and the dates of attendance or graduation.

Personal References Check

A verification of the applicant’s personal references included on his or her résumé or application. This comprehensive survey conducted by skilled operators covers several topics including Psychological Problems, Family, Domestic Relations, Trustworthiness, Reliability, Use of Illegal Substances and Abuse of Alcohol.

Criminal Court History

A complete written report of misdemeanor and felony cases directly from the applicable Superior and Municipal Courts in each jurisdiction. Again, BCP Reports contain complete data of arrests and convictions including case numbers, dates and disposition when available.
NOTE: Our normal search is NOT a database search of criminal records as many other services sell. When you order a Criminal History Report from BCP, we contact EACH applicable jurisdiction to obtain the most complete and up-to-date records.

Civil Court History

Same as Criminal History above, but revealing civil judgments, liens, law suits (as plaintiff or defendant). A comprehensive search of federal offenses on record in all Federal District Courts of the U.S. connected to the PACER (public access to court electronic records) System.

Motor Vehicle Report

A review of the applicant’s current history in any state requested. Motor Vehicle Reports list all infractions within the past three to five years and verify the status and classification of license. This report can reveal a propensity for recklessness and being under the control of alcohol or drugs which an employer may utilize for non-driving applicants.

Id Search / Trace / Ssn Reports

This is a report by credit agencies that can provide a review of an applicant’s former addresses and verification of his or her social security number. The application or résumé tells you where a person worked; this tells you where they lived. Never trust a possible criminal to tell you where to look for a criminal record. You should always use a trace report.

Professional License Verification

Any state or federal government issued professional license can be verified. There are hundreds of licenses including: Auto Sales, Contracting, Pilots, Chiropractic, Dentistry, Fire Arms Dealers, Doctors, Nurses, Court Reporters, Paralegal, Animal Breeders, Attorneys, Real Estate, Insurance, Securities and Investments, Psychologists, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Nuclear Engineers, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Security Services, CPAs, Travel Agents, Veterinarians and Beauticians, to name a few.

Sex Offender

Results will vary according to state. Records are generally updated on a monthly basis. This is a database and not guaranteed as to its accuracy.

Statewide Criminal Search

In States where available. This report covers claims and dispositions on file with the applicable state. This search is a database therefore cannot be guaranteed as to its accuracy. States included.

Multi – State Criminal Search

This is a multi-state criminal search covering all listed states, States & Counties included. Coverage varies by state. Records included in this search vary by state, and can include statewide convictions, arrests (IN & MN), court records, and inmate records.

Health & Human Services Exclusions

This is a search to see if a person is on the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities with the HHS.

Workers Compension