Background Check Professionals, LL C helps you hire the right person the first time, by providing the information you need to select the most qualified, honest and dependable employees. Your business, like ours, depends on the people working for you. Background Check Professionals helps you evaluate potential employees by providing you with the most current and accurate information.

When doing a background check, consider what is important to know about your employees, depending on your type of business. For example, if you would like to know whether the potential employee has been involved in a law suit, a civil record check will provide you with appropriate information.

Any type of business should screen its potential employees for registered sex offenders, especially if the job requires visiting the home of a client. Many sex offenders have been displaced by recent natural disasters and have failed to register in their new locations. In response to this problem, Background Check Professionals performs a nation-wide sex offender search, which lets your company know if your potential employee is registered in any state in the U.S.

When checking for a criminal record, the local police department cannot provide you with completely accurate information. The police department only checks the city criminal records, leaving the applicant’s previous places of residence unchecked. Background Check Professionals contacts the county court where the applicant lived before.

At Background Check Professionals, LLC, we work hard to provide you with the service you expect. Below is a list of some of the services we offer (see our Services page for a complete list).

For a description of services click on the Services link to the left.

• Previous employment verification

• Education verification

• County Criminal / Civil records

• Federal Criminal / Civil records

• Bankruptcy

• Motor vehicle reports

• State Sex Offenders Register

• Tenant Screening

• Eviction Records

• ID Search

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