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Fee Schedule


Fee Explanation: Of the 3300+ jurisdictions (usually counties) in the US a few charge fees for accessing court records like New York. BCP reserves the right to pass on these fees to the client when/if necessary.

Criminal Court History: $18.00  Per jurisdiction

$54.00  Due Diligence
*Plus any Court Access Fees

Civil Upper Court History: $25.00 Per jurisdiction.

$75.00 For Due Diligence, 
*Plus any Court Access Fees

Eviction History: $18.00 Per jurisdiction.
*Plus any Court Access Fees
New York, Criminal OCA (Office of Court Administration) $79.00  includes Felony & Misdemeanor in all listed jurisdictions
Sex Offender Nation Wide Search $10.00
Statewide Criminal Search:
This is a second party database. We do not guarantee database searches.
States Available
Multi-State Criminal Search.
Records included in this search vary by state, and can include statewide convictions, arrests (IN & MN), court records, and inmate records
This is a second party database. We do not guarantee database searches.
See States’ & coverage.
Federal Criminal P.A.C.E.R. $10.00
ID Search or Trace: $4.00     No charge with Due Diligence
 Professional License Verification $15.00
Motor Vehicle Report (MVR): Contact us for fees.
Health & Human Service Exclusions: $10.00

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