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Reduce Employee TurnoverEvery business needs new employees at some point. Resumes provide a general account of a candidate’s previous history, as told by the candidate. Interviewing is the traditional technique to choose someone who fits into the organization. The interview allows a brief conversation with a candidate to hear them talk about themselves and their work history. But what if the candidate does not tell everything about themselves? How can a company protect themselves? A thorough background check by Background Check Professionals, LLC can give any business more piece of mind.

Background checks consist of contacting various organizations, checking multiple websites, and researching several documents to try to discover if a candidate has any hidden issues. DUI convictions, criminal records, sex offenses, and financial misconduct are some of the important things employers should look for in a background check. Companies may know how to check some of these, but may not have the time or knowledge to be as thorough as necessary. Background Check Professionals, LLC, can be a more comprehensive solution.

Background Check Professionals, LLC, specializes in comprehensive background checks. They make it their business to know the many resources necessary to check for sex offenders, DUI convictions, criminal history, and other misconduct any potential candidate may have in their past. They can concentrate on researching the details of a person’s history because that is their expertise.

An Associate Press investigation found 2570 cases of sexual misconduct by teachers, between 2001 and 2005. A similar study by The Columbus Dispatch indicated that “thousands of allegations never lead to discipline,” and many school districts “quietly allowed teachers to resign without reporting issues.” The Dispatch also found that states did not share information about teacher misconduct.

Some companies do their own background checks by contacting local law enforcement. When contacted, local law enforcement may look for outstanding warrants, or local convictions, but don’t have access to federal or civil records.

Whether it is a sex offense, DUI, financial issues, or a bad driving record, having the knowledge of a candidate’s hidden history can prevent potential lawsuits and avoid costly legal fees. Background Check Professionals, LLC is a great resource for a comprehensive investigation of a candidate’s background. Their nationwide search will give any HR professional the piece of mind that a background check has been thorough, professional, and complete, and a candidate is safe to hire.


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