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Background Checks: More Important Than Ever

Your business is only as good as your employees
Make sure you have the most qualified, honest and dependable people working for you. You only have once to make a first impression with your customers and clients. Background Check Professionals, LLC will help you select the right person the first time. Get the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

Make your work team stronger

Employee mistakes can be costly and quickly mount in legal fees. What if one of your employees had a record without your knowledge and assaulted another employee or customer. What if they had a criminal record of theft, sex offense, or another deviant crime? Now you must justify to the court why you were not diligent enough to background check your employees. People with criminal records are usually repeat offenders. What would the cost be if they committed theft within your company? A small investment now to protect your assets, customers, and employees could save your thousands in legal fees and damages later.

It is important to know if your potential employee has a civil or criminal record. Have they ever sued an employer or fellow co-worker? Before you are next, find out first!

What about registered sex offenders? Do you have a business where you are sending employees into client’s homes? Sex offenders are not always registered locally if they have recently moved or been displaced. Background Check Professionals, LLC provides a nation-wide search of every state sex offender registry.

Checking with your local police department is not enough. Local Police Departments only check local city records. If the person has relocated from outside your local area, the records will be missed. Federal and Civil records are not found in a local city or state search of records as well. Background Check Professionals will make sure to not only to search local city, county, and state records, but will check all Federal and Civil records as well to insure you are getting the most qualified employees.

Many positions require employees to be handling money and customer billing accounts. In these types of positions, it would be beneficial to know if they are adept at handling money. Before you let them handle your money, find out if they can handle their own. Know if your potential employee has declared bankruptcy, have been behind on payments, or had a home forecloser. Could they be in a situation where they would be tempted to mishandle your money?

Do your employees ever drive your vehicle or company vehicles? Even if they seldom drive on company time, say to drop something for a client, or to go to the bank, if they have a poor driving record, and something happens, you would be held liable. Know your employees Motor Vehicle Driving Record before ever handing over the keys!

Your employees are your business. Knowing your business means knowing your employees. Investing a little now can save your company later from costly law suits and mistakes.


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