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Background Check Professionals,LLC, (BCP) has established itself as one of the premier employee screening companies in the United States. In addition to employee screening throughout the US, BCP helps individuals locate hard to find public information. In the United States, Background Check Professionals has a network of court retrievers who obtain records from all of the 3300+ county and state jurisdictions in all fifty states. We also offer unequaled access to most criminal and civil records at both state and federal levels. BCP specializes in quality service for both large and small employers.

All of our reports are concise and easy to understand. We provide only factual information and make no attempt to interpret the data for you, or make any recommendations. Our job is to give you the most current and accurate information available so that you can make the best hiring decisions.

The BCP "Menu of Services" allows you to choose which reports are most helpful and cost effective for your particular business staffing needs. We are happy to modify our services to fit your situation. For example, most employers want three to five years of previous employment verified, however you may require seven or ten years for some positions. Just let us know in advance and we will accommodate to your needs. We will be happy to make suggestions about your future needs or additional services we feel you should take advantage of.

One of our most important features is turnaround time. BCP returns reports to the requester within two to four business days of submittal. (We are sometimes constrained by events such as legal holidays in other states where the search is taking place).

Background Check Professionals always accommodates to the customer’s needs. Should you ever require occasional rush services, BCP will be happy to oblige if possible. You will find a BCP report to be without equal in quantity and quality of information obtained. We will work hard to earn your business.

Last, and certainly not least, is our pricing program. To our knowledge, no one offers the same quality of information at the same or lower price as Background Check Professionals. We are sure that you will find our fees very reasonable. We require no maintenance fee or minimum processing requirements. Give us a call and let us quote a price to you.